Quote of the Week

I was looking through my blog and realized that the last time I shared a quote, was over two months ago! That’s a long time to go without a quote and quite ironic considering that one of my apprehensions over having a “Quote of the Week” was that my blog would eventually just consist of various quotes rather than reviews (LOL). In order to remedy this shortfall, I figured that I’d share a quote that relates quite deeply to my own experience. I’ve always been a night owl and one of my favourite things to do at night, was to read. I cannot count the number of nights I spent just staying up late (on school nights no less!) just reading books! For some reason, I always found it difficult to put them down and get some sleep. This quote speaks to that experience.

To read for an hour or so at night is to enter a magic realm in which people are more interesting, informed, amusing and intelligent than anyone you encounter in everyday life.”   —- The Torchlight List, Jim Flynn


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